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Welcome to Ben's Wiki

This contains a semi-random collection of information I have decided to store on the web. Anyone is welcome to add stuff as long it doesn't annoy me. If it does I will delete it! To add you can click the edit button at the bottom of most pages. Some are locked (such as this one) so I can control the main bits of the site.

If any of this site appears strange, insulting, crazy etc, this is either because I did of because someone has edited it to make it like that. I check it now and then and add content or move content. Most the time however I don't know what is here. If you find something you really don't like please Contact me and I will look at it and see if it should be moved.

So far some main parts include

Silly Stuff

This sites runs a WikiWikiWeb, this means that most areas of the site can be edited by clicking the edit button. New pages can be added by vistitors in a similar way.

I have locked the front page and some of the other pages as they contain stuff I don't want changing. However most the other pages are editable. Please feel free to edit them. Please do not put anything offensive on this site. By adding text to this site you are giving me the copyright to do with as I please. If you don't like this, don't add stuff to the site.

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