This site  -  @ 20:05:11
I think I never did get the hang of the whole Blog concept - i.e. that I need to put stuff here now and then. So again I have yet another dead bit of web site.

So I have decided to leave this bit and try something else!


i-bio is up  -  @ 20:16:21
I have been working on the i-bio web site for a few months and it is finally live on the internet - go look i-bio


Windows XP  -  @ 21:05:26
Windows XP is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo anoying. Since my second disk failed it refused to boot. Finally after using the recovery console it will boot but now it falls over every now and then. How annoying. Maybe I will move to linux completely. The only thing this is stopping me right now is MS Money. I have been using it for years and really like it - GNUCash or Kapital are looking interesting
Kingdom Hearts  -  @ 21:03:26
I got kingdom hearts on friday - it is an amazing game. I am surprised how well the disney stuff works with the final fantasy stuff. The real time battles element makes it much more fun the FFX for example.

I have just got to Agrabar - so far I have found it challenging but not frustrating - I hate getting stuck on games!!!


Suffolk  -  @ 17:40:26
We have just got back from a great holiday in Suffolk. Neither Helen or I have been to Suffolk for a holiday before and were plesently surprised by how much there was to do.

We stayed in a log cabin at Windmill Lodges. The log cabin was amazing - it was by far the nicest self catering place we have stayed. It also had an outdoor hot tub - which was nice even in November!. The lodges are about a year old - I would predict they will become v. popular as they develop.

Suffolk is interesting as it is a good mix of towns, country, coast and inland. Autumn is a good time of year to see the Sea - it's far more interesting than summer!


Wish Lists  -  @ 19:36:00
I am amazed how popular wish lists have become. I used one on Amazon last Christmas. This is the sort of thing I do cos I like new things.
However now both my father and my sister in law have them. Amazon are really on to a winner with them. It is really quite amazing how popular they have become.
**#!! Garage  -  @ 19:33:43
Daewoo who promise to be 'No Hassle', have once again proven they are really really anoying.
We have the Matiz booked in to get a wiper squirter repaired today and they have closed down the garage!!!!
What is most anoying is that we made the appointment 2 months ago and they did not bother to tell us. We had to wait two months due to their general chaos. In the time between we complained and got a letter from the new GM Daewoo apologising for the inconvience of having to wait. However they forgot to mention that they were closing the service centre.
I would quite happily recommend anyone to never every consider buying anything from Daewoo. Their 'No Hassle' is anything but.


Car Fixing  -  @ 19:07:25
We are braving Daewoo again to get Helen's car fixed tomorrow. Last time the car had a problem it took them over two months to fix it. It turned out to be a minor electrical fault. This time it took them 2 months to find a slot at the garage - all that is wrong is the wiper squirter is gunged up! I will be amazed if we get the car back at the end of the day intact - have to wait and see.
Gentoo is cool  -  @ 19:04:10
I have been slowly installing a Gentoo Linux system on my computer. This is really quite a cool disto. It runs sooo fast, compared to Red Hat and Mandrake. It can be a bit confusing at times but hey - its interesting to fix it.
NTFS is very reliable NOT  -  @ 19:03:13
I keep meaning to update my BLOG with all the things I get up too. But I can't as I have had to spend ages fixed Windows XP. We use it because we like MS money. On Friday the PC crashed and NTFS trashed the disk. However fortunately there is a nice MS recovery console. This nearly works except on my CD is cannot find chkdsk - oh well...

Eventually I got it all working. I am now looking even harder into geting MS Money working under Wine...


 -  @ 20:04:32
This is my new blog. This is one in a long range of attempts to get me to update gidley.co.uk.

We shall see...

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